Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another One Rides the Bus

Driving in Tirana might be fun for some. If you like suprises, i.e. the one-way street that was going one direction yesterday may very well be going the opposite direction today. The brand new asfalted road that was laid down a week ago may today have gaping holes where they've torn it right out again. If you don't mind the roads becoming parking lots at every intersection, or trying to drive on narrow one lane roads that against the laws of physics suddenly become three lane roads, then Tirana awaits your driving pleasure. I'm not even going to go on about the impossiblity of finding a parking place in a city where cars were never thought of in it's planning.

All this to say, I would rather take the public transportation

Of course the public transportation has it's own aaah....shall we say eccentricities. Like buses which have gaping holes in the floors. It is interesting to watch the road and wheels from that perspective.

Then there are the teaming masses of people also riding the bus. Being squashed between innumerable people who don't smell like this...

It's not so bad in winter. Afterall, being so crammed so close together can make the bus ride warmer. Not a bad thing in winter. However. In the summer it is an all together different experience. If you have ever smelled the smell of hot wet wool, garlic and sweat, then perhaps you might be close to knowing what a summer bus ride in Tirana is like.

Still for all it's difficulties, I still say hurray or public transportation.